Hi there

I am Maddy, a 19-year old chaotic dreamer that stands behind the creation of Falomuna; an online world about sharing my fascination for fashion and lifestyle with you.

From the moment I could dress myself, I have always been engaged in combining fashion items and creating my own style. This little obsession came with the enjoyment of expressing my thoughts on paper. With this blog I want to give you my view on hot topics, along with some tips and tricks (and access to my crazy personality).

I love getting my head out of the car window, with good music on, on our way to an undetermined destination. During a trip, I’m eager to discover new places all around, no matter if it’s a hotspot in the city, or a breathtaking view on the countryside. I want memories, good or bad, in my head and memorable feelings in my tummy. And also lots of tea. And watermelon. And cake made with puff pastry.


You can always contact me via mail or Instagram for further information, or just to say hi. I love meeting people, and it would be really nice to get to know you.


Much love,





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