Personalize your room with Squaredone

It’s a rainy Sunday evening, all your work is pretty much done, and you decide to have some me-time with your favourite serie on the screen and a cappucino with lots of whipped cream. And I mean Lots with a capital L.

It’s always nice to spend time off duty, but it’s even nicer to spend it in a room where you feel comfortable and relaxed. A room that is not your work space, but one where you’re surrounded by your favourite books, good music and your beloved bed sheets. There are different ways to personalize your room into this imaginary place that brings out peace and lifts up your positivity (and your legs on top of some pillows). You probably know the most common ways already: candles, a little art here and there, or your most read books on your shelf and within hand reach from your bed. But one of my favourite tips and probably that which gives a personal touch to any room, is hanging up memories or your favourite pictures. The fact that you’ve experienced something fun or unforgettable is one thing, but being able to take this moment with you in the present is such a great invention, isn’t?

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You can print out your treasured memories at home, which I used to do until recently, but it’s more fun to have these images developed into real pictures or amazing Polaroid photo’s. Polaroids have been trending for the last few years, because they are so authentic, yet modernized into this generation. I was going through some of my old pictures and decided that I needed to change the decoration of my room. I wanted something more fun, cozy and colourful and I needed to have my pictures hung up in a pleasant way.
A few weeks ago, I discovered Squaredone, an online brand that develops your pictures in creative forms with qualitatively results.

Squaredone offers many choices for the development of your pictures, but I chose to have my images created into instant camera photo’s. I also had the option to have something written below my pictures, and so I did on of the pictures and I gave this to a close friend. The fun thing about these pictures is also that it can change your room whenever you add new ones. You can, for example, change the photo’s every season, in order to create the vibes of however the weather makes you feel. Create memories during Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, make pictures along the way, have Squaredone develop them, et voila; pure pictures hung up above your bed to remind yourself every morning that your life is actually pretty awesome.

In short, I was a happy kid when I received mail from Squaredone in my mailbox and it’s an online brand that won’t get rid of me soon. I can always turn to them when I want to give a new look to my pictures, or when I need a cute present for my dear friends when my bank account number can’t offer me a lot of help.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


2016-06-12 12.47.51 1.jpg

Comment below if you have tips for creating that personal space only you can fully relate to. I’m curious and I can always use new ideas!


Much love,

Maddy ♡


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