Go casual

We live in this kind of world where one bad thought can cover up all the good things in life. And it happens instantly. And it can hurt. But, right afterwards, it also reminds us that we are living in such great conditions and at times, this constant realization can even bring out the best of us. It makes us do more, it lets us be satisfied, it gives us the freedom to let go.

This morning I got up, went for a run and found some time to have this casual outfit photographed. For this look, I had to steal something from my dad’s closet (which is not the first time sorry dad but fashion). Combining a men’s shirt and jeans can barely ever go wrong, am I right?

Good night lovely people xx


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Sweater: Zara

Shirt: Gant men

Jeans: Pull and Bear

Shoes: Salamander

Bag:  LandLeder





Ludic (adj.) full of fun and high spirits


I’m not gonna deny, I am super excited about this month – not only because my birthday is coming up pretty soon, but I am especially looking forward to wearing layers and layers and more layers. I also have this thing with oversized sweaters, cute hats, old-fashioned jackets and all of that combined with the perfect boots forms the perfect look  – wait.. this look is missing something crucial. Anyway, we as fashionlovers are made to mix and match with fabrics and Autumn is that perfect season to do so. Do not get me wrong though, I love the sun and just like everyone, I need my vitamine D, but aren’t you also looking forward to those cozy evenings, those early mornings with a coffee to go in your hands (because ain’t nobody got time for an instabreakfast when your bed is just way too warm to leave it behind), and besides that, this time of the year, taking a walk in the forest will definitely do some wonders too.

But lets not be too hasty as Autumn isn’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, it hasn’t even started. The last few weeks I got to enjoy the warm weather to the fullest and I am super glad to hear that our dearest sun won’t leave our sight within the next days.

Good old days with denim // I went through the denim catagory the other day, and I couldn’t help but notice how much I am into this fabric. I’m not just talking about denim denim, but my true obsession goes to vintage denim jeans and I don’t know how to stop this. Call me overauthentic – a hipster if you will, but there’s something about its fitting and just the fact that it’s old makes it look so much better, do you feel me? I don’t know, perhaps this love will fade away, but all I can say for sure is that the 90’s did leave the right kind of vibes for me. Check out this heaven of denim on Asos and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Collar up // I have always liked turtlenecks and I am super excited about combining it with other clothing items (again, layering) for when it gets colder. I love how sophisticated and timeless the turtleneck looks and honestly, anyone can rock ‘m. The fact that there are endless ways to style this basic black sweater just means that it’s a must for any fashionlover.

Loafers for lovers // Do you have a presentation coming up at work? Or perhaps you’ve planned a meeting with a business partner? Maybe even a job interview? I feel so unrealistic writing those questions, but I am 20 years old. Business is starting to become reality and that thought hurts like hell. WHyyy sooo soooon. But while ignoring that little fact, I’d like to have a quick talk about loafers. The debute of the loafer goes back to the 1930s and its color, material, etc. has changed a lot of times over the years, but its popularity stayed the same. The thing about loafers is that they are not only classy and timeless, but they are beyond practical. Sometimes (okay okay, almost all the time) we wear shoes because they are trendy or they match with our outfits, but being practical is as, if not more, important. Thanks to basic loafers you won’t regret rushing in the morning, because, how hard I want to doubt it, they just look good with any outfit.

Safety pins // Wait, what? Yes, I’m talking about the safety pins we use to attach things to eachother, to smallen our skirt, or to even change a shirt, because sometimes (okay okay, we get it, almost all the time) we just don’t have the money to buy different clothes. When looking at the details of the ready-to-wear Fall collections during Fashion Week, I noticed these exact same safety pins being put into jewelry, or they were hung on sweaters. Somehow, I find this trend interesting and it’s just a fun way to give a little twist to new or old clothes. Look at Chiara Ferragni giving us the perfect example with her safety pin slippers. How cute!


Are you looking forward to Autumn, and if so, why? Or are you more of a Summer-person?

Let me know in the comments below so we can even chat about it! 🙂


Much love,







Monday off duty

It’s hard to find free time and honestly, just when I do have it, I find it hard not to think about work and I usually worry about the things that happen outside of my comfort place. But I’m really learning how to appreciate my spare time these days, and I try to make sure that I spend it well. Today it’s all about good food, good books, relaxing, and about doing some research too (because how can you not do any work?). I got up, put on a casual outfit and took my current favourite bag with me. What are you up to today?

Love xx


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Sweater: Zara

Shirt: Troye Sivan Tee

Jeans: Noisy May

Shoes: Converse All Star

Bag: Daniela Dallavalle

Jewelry: Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the Russian market where I bought these pieces, but you can find super pretty alternatives of the ring on Etsy

Trends I’m excited about this Fall

Although I loved summer and I wish the sun could stay a little longer, I must say that I am really excited about Fall and its fashion trends. In the Ready-To-Wear Fashion shows that I attended this year behind my computer (thank God for live streaming) I was surprised by the elegance of the clothes and I have to say, in overall I loved every show in its own unique way. I loved seeing stars and cute cartoon signs surviving from Summer to Fall, and the pleated skirts are going to come around again; all that with a classy twist. My thought for this upcoming season is that most of the trends that’ll show up are unique and timeless at the same time, which seems like the perfect combination if you ask me.

For this blog I decided to give you the trends that caught my eye on the Ready-To-Wear Fashion shows for Fall 2016. Let’s see what the top shows are telling us..


Modern Victorian: Romance and ruffles // Not only did fashion during the Victorian era give us the nowadays off-the-shoulder trend, but the ruffles are also being loved and this in combination with lace is the must-have trend to own this Fall. I love how something so aged does not look costume-ish with the right amount of modern dose added to it.

rufflesLeft to right: ALexander McQueen, Balmain,  Dolce & Gabanna


Traditional handwork: Embroidery // Embroidery is probably my favourite traditional trend that has come back this year. From jeans to coats to formal suits, it’s an embellishment that makes any piece unique and to be fair, it is just so fascinating to look at. It’s great to see how serious craftsmanship and using old techniques are getting more popular. If only I could do that kind of handwork, I swear I’d do it on all my jeans. And I mean, look at those mice on that beautiful dress from Dolce & Gabanna; cuteness overload!

EmbroideryLeft to right: Dolce & Gabanna, Erdem, Dolce & Gabanna


Silver + geometry equals magic // This Summer I’ve had this weird obsession with silver circles, and I loved to see this on the catwalk and yes, I will wear this multiple times. To me, every look needs an edge; something refreshing, something that says ‘this is not just another black outfit’ (I wear black 23/7). We’ve seen a lot of metallic effects the past year, but metallic circles (or any geometrical form) will win this Fall. Or at least, I hope so.

silver circlesLeft to right: Chanel, Saint Laurent, Loewe


Tweed // It’s commonly thought that tweed was originally worn by working men in Scotland as it is a rugged fabric, resistant to wind and water with insulating properties. But since a few years ago it has been a go-to fabric during Ready-To-Wear shows for Fall and it can be worn everyday in a casual or a chic way. Honestly, when I think of tweed, I immediately think of Chanel (a.k.a. paradise). This fashion brand just always knows how to bring a new life to tweed, creating playful patterns and using colours you’ve never thought of actually wearing – but of course, Chanel then changes your mind. I was happy to notice a little tweed here and there on the runway and I hope to see more of it soon.

tweedLeft to right: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Loewe


A little less is more: one shoulder // The off-the-shoulder trend was probably the biggest trend this Spring/Summer that I noticed and I was a big fan of it too. It gave sensual and fun vibes to any look and it was perfect for hot days – and fortunately we had lots of those this year! But if you can show two shoulders, you can surely show only one as well, right? At least, that’s what Saint Laurent was definitely telling us. I love how sexy the one-shoulder trend looks, and with enough coverage on the rest of the look it comes off so modest. Are you loving it as much as I do?

one shoulderLeft to right: Chanel, Saint Laurent, Chanel

What more? // The trends mentionned in this collage are some that I absolutely love. Wearing a dress over a turtleneck sweater is the next big thing, along with the military style that Jeezy is all about in its ready-to-wear collection. Also, if you ever come across an almost oversized skirt with lots of prints on; don’t think about it, buy it.

BeFunky CollageLeft to right: (big printed skirts) Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Prada / (turtleneck) Valentino, Loewe, Valentino / (big sleeves and military) Marni, Jeezy, Marni


Sooo.. who’s excited for Fall? And what are some of your favourite trends to wear?

Let me know in the comments below, I am curious! 🙂


Much love,


Personalize your room with Squaredone

It’s a rainy Sunday evening, all your work is pretty much done, and you decide to have some me-time with your favourite serie on the screen and a cappucino with lots of whipped cream. And I mean Lots with a capital L.

It’s always nice to spend time off duty, but it’s even nicer to spend it in a room where you feel comfortable and relaxed. A room that is not your work space, but one where you’re surrounded by your favourite books, good music and your beloved bed sheets. There are different ways to personalize your room into this imaginary place that brings out peace and lifts up your positivity (and your legs on top of some pillows). You probably know the most common ways already: candles, a little art here and there, or your most read books on your shelf and within hand reach from your bed. But one of my favourite tips and probably that which gives a personal touch to any room, is hanging up memories or your favourite pictures. The fact that you’ve experienced something fun or unforgettable is one thing, but being able to take this moment with you in the present is such a great invention, isn’t?

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You can print out your treasured memories at home, which I used to do until recently, but it’s more fun to have these images developed into real pictures or amazing Polaroid photo’s. Polaroids have been trending for the last few years, because they are so authentic, yet modernized into this generation. I was going through some of my old pictures and decided that I needed to change the decoration of my room. I wanted something more fun, cozy and colourful and I needed to have my pictures hung up in a pleasant way.
A few weeks ago, I discovered Squaredone, an online brand that develops your pictures in creative forms with qualitatively results.

Squaredone offers many choices for the development of your pictures, but I chose to have my images created into instant camera photo’s. I also had the option to have something written below my pictures, and so I did on of the pictures and I gave this to a close friend. The fun thing about these pictures is also that it can change your room whenever you add new ones. You can, for example, change the photo’s every season, in order to create the vibes of however the weather makes you feel. Create memories during Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, make pictures along the way, have Squaredone develop them, et voila; pure pictures hung up above your bed to remind yourself every morning that your life is actually pretty awesome.

In short, I was a happy kid when I received mail from Squaredone in my mailbox and it’s an online brand that won’t get rid of me soon. I can always turn to them when I want to give a new look to my pictures, or when I need a cute present for my dear friends when my bank account number can’t offer me a lot of help.

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2016-06-12 12.47.51 1.jpg

Comment below if you have tips for creating that personal space only you can fully relate to. I’m curious and I can always use new ideas!


Much love,

Maddy ♡


• Check out www.squared.one